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Above is a short video showing me performing various aspects of bookbinding. This was shot for a consumer electronics manufacturer in 2013.


Jeffrey S. Peachey provides a wide variety of bookbinding and conservation services for institutions and individuals. He enjoys treating all types of books from incunabula to Grandma’s cookbook.

All treatments are designed to preserve historic, artifactual, intrinsic and monetary value. All treatments are preformed in accordance with the American Institute of Conservation (AIC) Code of Ethics.

Peachey is a Professional Associate in the AIC and has served as Chair of Conservators In Private Practice. For more than 25 years, he has specialized in the conservation of books and paper artifacts for institutions and individuals.  He is the inventor of the Peachey Board Slotting Machine, which is used by many institutions world wide to help treat books with detached boards, and also makes specialized hand tools. Recently, he was awarded a 2015 Fellowship at the Bellagio Center in Lake Como, Italy, and the 2015 Patricia Fleming Visiting Fellowship in Bibliography and Book History from the University of Toronto, Canada.

For information on how to get a treatment estimate, please contact Jeff via phone or email.

Jeff Peachey
Book Conservator
37 Nagle Ave., #3C
New York, NY 10040
Cell: (212) 387-7860
jeffrey (dot) peachey (at)


Peachey is a professional associate in AIC



1988 B.A. in English Literature, Goshen College, Goshen, Indiana.


Jeffrey S. Peachey, NYC. 1996- Present. Book Conservator. Provides consulting and conservation services for libraries, museums, dealers and private collectors. Teaches bookbinding and conservation workshops nationally and internationally. Invents, manufactures and sells specialized tools for the book conservation community, including The Peachey Board Slotting Machine, used in conservation labs worldwide.

Columbia University Libraries, NYC. 1992-1996. Special Collections Technician. Performed environmental and condition surveys, written and photographic documentation and single item treatments for four rare book libraries, under the direction of the Head of Conservation. Materials treated ranged from 13th century manuscript fragments to modern first editions. Maintained statistics, evaluated and ordered supplies. Prepared materials for exhibition and travel. Matting, framing and boxing.

Columbia University Libraries, NYC. 1990-1992. Technician, National Endowment for the Humanities Grant. Treated circulating collections, and other materials from 1600-present, including limp and stiffboard vellum, papercase, and leather bindings.

Teachers College, NYC. 1990. Part time Technician. Recasing, rebacking, phase box and drop spine box production.

The Gotham Book Mart and Gallery, NYC. 1989-1990. Clerk. Book repairs, exhibition installation, customer service.


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2012 “Special Considerations for Private Book Conservation Laboratories” in The Planning and Construction of Book and Paper Conservation Laboratories: A Guidebook. Edited by Jennifer Hain Temper and Eric Alstrom. Chicago: Association for Library Collection; Technical Services a division of the American Library Association, 2012. (pp. 157-175)

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2017 “Jeff Peachey ’88 Restores Rare Ausbund for Mennonite Historical Library”, The Goshen College News (3 April 2017)  The story was picked up by the Goshen News (4 April 2017), The Elkhart Truth (8 April 2017),  The South Bend Tribune (9 April 2017) and  Mennonite World Review (p. 19).

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2016 “18th Century French Binding and Making Knives” at Restauratoren Nederland (Friesland, Netherlands), “The History and Conservation of Cloth Case Bindings” at Georgia Archives (Morrow, GA), “Knife Sharpening” at Brigham Young University (Provo, Utah), “Knife and Spokeshave Making” at North Bennett Street School (Boston)

2015 “Knife Sharpening” at Conservation Center, Institute of Fine Arts, New York University (NYC), “Bookbinding for Book History Students” at Rare Book and Manuscript Library, Columbia University (NYC), “Historic Book Structures for Conservators” at Winterthur/ University of Delaware program in Art Conservation (Wilmington, DE),  “Knife and Spokeshave Making” at North Bennett Street School (Boston)

2014  “Historic Book Structures for Conservators” at LIS 500, Simmons College Graduate School of Library and Information Science (Boston), “Sharpening for Conservators” at Winterthur/ University of Delaware program in Art Conservation (Wilmington, DE), “Introduction to Knife Sharpening” at Delaware Valley Chapter of the Guild of Bookworkers (Philadelphia),  “Knife and Spokeshave Making” at North Bennett Street School (Boston)

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1999 “Non-adhesive Book Structures” at Long Island University (Brooklyn). “Accordion Binding” at The New School (NYC).

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1997-2001 “Narrative Forms: Book Art”, Photo 313. Pratt Institute (Brooklyn).

1996- 2000 “Single Leaf Attachment, Beginning Bookbinding Intensive, Bookbinding I, II, III ” Various semesters. The Center for Book Arts (NYC).



2016-2017 Cathleen A. Baker Fellowship in Paper Conservation, University of Michigan (MI)

2016 Cary Collection Short-Term Research Fellowship, Rochester Institute of Technology (NY)

2015 The Rockefeller Foundation Bellagio Center (Italy)

2014-2015 Patricia Fleming Visiting Fellowship in Bibliography and Book History from the University of Toronto, Canada.

2014 Research Fellowship, Winterthur Museum and Library (Wilmington, DE)

2013 Reese Fellowship in American Bibliography, the Library Company of Philadelphia.

2011 Sherman Fairchild Conservation Research Fellowship, The Morgan Library and Museum (NYC)

2000 Scholarship for the Guild of Book Workers Standards of Excellence Conference.

1997 Empire State Craft Alliance (NY)



2014-2018 Columbia University, Health Science Library. Large format medical atlases.

2006-7 Union Theological Seminary, NYC. Treatment of late 15th and early 16th century wood board religious texts.

2000-1 The New York Academy of Medicine, NYC. Treatment of 19th century colored medical atlases with moveable flaps.

1999-2000 Union Theological Seminary, NYC. Conducted a condition survey of Rare Book Stacks, supervised and trained staff, disaster recovery, performed treatments.

1996-7 American Museum of Natural History, NYC. Rare Book Survey and Stabilization Project.



2010 Member of Nominating Committee, The Guild of Book Workers (GBW)

2007-8 Chair, Conservators in Private Practice (CIPP), Specialty Group of The American Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works (AIC)

2006-7 Vice-Chair, CIPP

2006-7 Member of CIPP Certification Task Force



American Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works (AIC) Professional Associate (PA) since 1999

Early American Industries Association (EAIA)

Guild of Book Workers (GBW)

Institute of Conservation (ICON)

Mid-West Tool Collectors Association (MWTCA)

6 thoughts on “Bio + CV

  1. Daniel Cull

    Hi Jeff,

    Just wanted to say two things.
    1 – Nice blog, very impressive work…
    2 – The article in Setbacks “conservation of JAIC” was brilliant… totally Hilarious…

    All the best,


  2. Jeff Peachey

    thanks! it’s always great to get a little feedback. Sometimes I wonder why I spend so much time on this thing…. jeff

  3. Simon

    Really interesting pages – Thanks!
    Just started to take an interest in book-binding, with a view to working at book conservation. Lots to read about and think about, too.

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