A Very Cool Patent Model Press

Patent Model Press. Source: https://americanhistory.si.edu/collections/search/object/nmah_998708

One of the best ideas for a standing press I’ve seen. The adjustable bottom platen solves a lot of problems for modern binders and conservators, that often are working on only one book at a time. It would alleviate the need to add heavy wood packing materials, and the lower platen could be positioned at a comfortable work height.

According to the patent description, “This patent model demonstrates an invention for a bookbinders standing press which was granted patent number 30243. The press has a platen, or upper follower, lowered in the usual way by an iron screw, and a bed, or lower follower, that was raised by a rack and pinion.” Patent date 2 October 1860, Pelletreau, Maltby K.

The ratchet would allow for tremendous pressure with short swings of the press pin, and were not uncommon for heavy duty presses in the 19th century.

Were any ever made? If so, I want one!

There are around 400 printing and binding patent models in the Smithsonian’s Graphic Arts Collection.



Copy Press Mounted on a Safe

Last week, I blogged about a scene from a movie depicting a copy press on top of a safe, and wondered if it was a way they were actually used in offices.  Darryn Schneider of DAS Bookbinding in Australia sent me this wonderful image he found from the State Library of Victoria. Bingo! Well, at least there is one documented example….

Copy press on top of a safe. Interior of  a railway office, ca. 1901-1940.  State Library of Victoria. http://handle.slv.vic.gov.au/10381/38847

A New Batch of Used and Unique Tools for Sale

A small selection of the unique and used tools for sale on Peacheytools.com.

I have a feeling I am not the only one who has been cleaning and organizing more than usual, lately. A bunch of tools I don’t need anymore are now available in the used tool section of my online tool store.

There are sharpening stones, dividers, scissors, knives, a small wood plane, weights, and a lot of other cool and weird things I’ve picked up over the years.

Some of the unique new items include a two inch wide French style leather paring knives with an ebony handle, and extra large (half-inch by eight inch) Delrin folders.  Also a new product I made to deal with a wasp infestation, a heavy duty aerodynamic swatter made from bamboo and horsebutt.

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