Cleaning Books in 1709

cleaning books

A somewhat archaic image of books for 1709, here a detail from the “Book Fool” is cleaning his books. The first rule of cleaning a book is observed; dusting before the book is opened. But all of the dust is falling onto other books. The clasps of this antique looking book keep the foreedge sealed, and a gentle breath seem and brush seem to clean head and foredge at the same time. This image is in Alberto Manguel’s new book, The Traveler, The Tower, and the Worm: The Reader as Metaphor. In the link to the image, there is also a poem in German. Any german speaking binders care to translate?

Added Oct 14, 10:59 AM. Thanks!  Peter Verheyen, “Because I keep acquiring books to such an extent/extreme/… that I do nothing but clean off the dust, I left the order of the learned.  I have become a fool even if nobody recognizes this, my wife calls me one.”

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