Portable Press



I needed a portable press to travel with.  The challenge was to make it as light as possible, be able to use it without a tub, and make it rigid enough to back books and use a plough on.   The oversize, rubber knobs combined with a 1/2″ acme screw can be tightened by hand, without the need for a press pin.  The aluminum legs can be unscrewed to easily fit into a backpack, and rigidly clamp to a work surface for use.  With the plough, the entire setup weighs in at 6 lbs, 4 oz.



The plough on this press is a circa. late 1980’s Derick Beck model. It is unusual, in that the blade travels independently of the cheek on the right hand side, and the blade is angled downwards, so that the length of the blade doesn’t mar the edge of the textblock after a cut is made.  To advance the blade, the knob is rolled towards you, which is opposite the way standard plough works, and takes a little getting used to. It cuts very cleanly.

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