Hand Stropping

Above: The Art of Preserving the Hair, On Philosophical Principals.  By the Author of the Art of Improving the Voice. (London: Septimous Prowett, 1825), 250-251.

Before you try this, think of the way your strop gets to torn up in use!  I have tried hand stropping—very carefully—but didn’t notice much difference in the sharpness of the blade as compared to stropping on an undressed vegetable tanned hair side skin, to be honest. Hand oils may give the steel a bit more resistance to rusting. Needless to say, hand stropping is performed slowly.  I still prefer a Horse butt strop, available here.

Hand stropping lives on in various guises, however. Shaving enthusiasts have a thread titled Hand Stropping Really WORKS!. A youtube video demonstrates the stropping of a single edge razor blade. Bill Carter, a plane maker from the UK hand strops a plane blades. To be clear, he is pulling the blade away from his hand.

Below: The tough hands of Bill Carter.