Specifications for Library and School Book Binding

Dear Chairman of the A.L.A. Committee on Bookbinding,

For the next version of  General Specifications for Library and School Book Binding  I propose mentioning that when binding pamphlets, do not to cover the text with Gaylord pamphlet binder tape. If it is necessary to use an adhesive pamphlet binder, I also feel it might be a good idea to recommend using one that is the proper size, to avoid excessive trimming to the margins.  And if the margins must be trimmed, I suggest including a bit of practical advice in how to cut a straight line with a pair of scissors. I am more than willing to discuss these matters in greater depth, at your convenience, and apologize for this very belated response, but books last a very long time even if mistreated, so I trust this information may still be pertinant.

Warmest Regards,

Jeff Peachey

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