Thin Profile Suction Platen

Robert Proctor has invented and manufactures a “Thin Profile Suction Platen” which I haven’t tried, but it looks incredibly useful and is very reasonably priced.  It is less than 1/6″ thick which would make it great for in situ textblock treatments close to the spinePlease contact him with questions.  

He describes the platen:

“About 12 years ago, dissatisfied with the suction platens available at the time, I decided to build one more to better fit my own needs. Encouraged by others who liked my design, I put together 20 platens, the majority of which I sold out of the trunk of my car at the 1997 AIC meeting in San Diego.Instructions for building this platen were published in the Sept 1997 WAAC Newsletter. This generated many phone calls from people asking “won’t you just make one for me?”  Since I considered my time better spent restoring paintings rather than building and selling suction platens, I offered these plans to a manufacturer of conservation equipment, free of charge. While they do produce a platen and continue to market it using my name, much to my  dissatisfaction, it differs considerably from my design. In the interim I made another run of 20 with an improved mounting device.

Unique to my platen is an easy to use light weight design with a combination of: an ultra thin profile; an interior baffle made of solvent resistant materials that maintains even suction across the entire surface of the plenum; construction that allows for the platen to be easily opened for periodic cleaning; and new to the design is a fully articulated a mini ball head mount that enables the platen to be attached to a tri-pod, camera boom or to the included clamp allowing the platen to be easily attached to an easel or table edge.  The platen sells for $425.00 including shipping and handling”   

Robert Proctor
Whitten & Proctor Fine Art Conservation
1236 Studewood Street
Houston, TX 77008
Phone/Fax: 713-426-0191





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