Online Workshop: Making Delrin and Bamboo Tools. November 14 and 21.

Nine different basic tools we will make in the workshop. Of course, everyone is encouraged to redesign them for their own needs.

NOTE: The workshop is now full. If you would like to be on a waiting list, and also notified first of the next time I run this (likely spring 2021) please contact me. 

Making tools is not only engaging and fun, but entirely practical since the result is set of tools you can use daily. Bookbinders, book conservators, photographic conservators, paper conservators, and others will find this workshop valuable. Filing, scraping and polishing are meditative activities, no previous experience required. Working Delrin and bamboo is a great way to start toolmaking and we will make folders, lifting tools, microspatulas, hera, and creasing tools. Fair warning: making your own tools is highly addictive!

All aspects of making tools with delrin and bamboo will be discussed in detail: design considerations, cutting, filing, rough shaping, final shaping, and polishing. The workshop consists of two 3- hour synchronous zoom sessions with PPT’s, videos, discussion of handouts, demonstrations, Q&A chat sessions, and working together time. Also included is one month access to four videos demonstrating key techniques.

The workshop includes a kit with enough materials to make nine tools with a retail value over $300. Hand tools are also included: a cherry bench hook, scraper, burnisher, a file for plastics, and a variety of sanding and polishing supplies. All you need is a stable work surface, and some time to work between the two weekend sessions.

SCHEDULE: Two 3-hour sessions. Saturday November 14 and 21. 12-3pm Pacific, 1-4pm Mountain, 2-5pm Central, 3-6pm Eastern, 8-11pm GMT, 9-12 CET, 10 – 1am EET, 5am – 8am (+ 1 day) JST, 6am – 9am ( +1 day) UTC

International participants need to contact me for an invoice to pay by credit card, and order before October 17 to ensure kit arrival.

US participants can register here

COST: $375 US  ($425 Canada/  $445 other countries, includes shipping)

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