Some New Tools, Possibly of Interest to Book Conservators

I have some new tools to sell, listed on the “New Tools, 9/2008” page to the right.  They include a bradawl, small backing boards, a tiger maple sewing compression stick and a thin lifting knife.

Also of interest to book conservators, Lee Valley now sells A2 upgrade spokeshave blades for 151 style spokeshaves, for the very reasonable price of $18.50.  Looking at the photo in their catalog, it looks like the slots where the rim of the adjustment knob fits is rounded, which makes adjusting the blade much smoother than the current Hock blades, which have a flat area.

They also are selling spoon bits.  If you need to drill complex lacing patterns in wood boards, spoon bits were historically used, and have the advantage over normal twist bits that they can start holes at extreme angles without “walking”.  The smallest size they carry is 3/8″, so the cords would have to be quite beefy. I would love to find some smaller ones.

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