No. 1 Paperhangers Knife

I recently acquired this Knife.  It is 18 cm long, and the faded label appears to read “RIDGEL”, then “No. 1 Paperhangers Knife/ Made in U.S.A.”  The paint decorating the handle is quite spectacular, I’m guessing it is an oil based paint, but am unclear how this complex, tiny pattern was formed – the black paint appears to have been spun or dripped onto a turning handle? Any information is appreciated.

One Reply to “No. 1 Paperhangers Knife”

  1. hi Jeff, deco looks like „Reisslack/Craquelé(e)”.

    REISSLACK (Craquelé)
    Die Rissbildung dieser Alterungstechnik, […] entsteht durch künstlich geschaffene Spannungsunterschiede zwischen aufeinanderfolgenden (Lack-)Beschichtungen, z.b. durch Mischungen mit Gummi arabicum.

    ((=> google translater 🙂
    „REIS SLACK (Crackle)
    The cracking of this aging technique, […] created by man-made voltage differences between successive (paint) coatings, eg by mixing with gum arabic.”
    Voltage? Well, uhm … LOL
    Best regards

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