Bathroom Book Restoration


Text block washing, old school. The binder has a curious expression, a mix of intense concentration, shock and self conscious posing.  Courtesy Anonymous Bookbinder


The back of the above photo. Courtesy Anonymous Bookbinder

5 Replies to “Bathroom Book Restoration”

  1. The bindery still exists, previous location at… If the sign at top right is correct, they moved to Meinekestr 24 (typo on sign). The address is correct as the Allegemeiner Anzeiger für Buchbinderein (Volumes 17-18) on page 91 (bottom, 2nd column from right) has the firm of J. Kohnert at the same address looking for a younger bookbinder who can do the Franzband (German extra binding), work neatly, and gold tool perfectly… One of the instructors in Ascona, Ingela Dierick, also did her apprenticeship there. The Wilmersdorfer Strasse address now houses Buchbinderei Prey –

    More interesting for Jeff might be that a Jacob Kohnert, Buchbinder is listed at in a mennonite refugee list at His dates are 1871-1955. The Herr on the picture looks a little young, but perhaps this is a son?

    Clearly I once again had too much time on my hand…

  2. Well, very interesting the typing backwards. The bookbindery is still in the Second backyard (so you think they moved but they didn’t) and is still going ahead with Simon Prey who also had his apprenticeship there. Don’t Look for it in Meineckestraße!!

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