New Address. New Email. New Studio

I’m moving today.  New address:

Jeff Peachey

Book Conservator

37 Nagle Ave., #3C

New York, NY 10040

jeffrey.peachey (AT) gmail (DOT) com

Cell: 1 (212) 387-7860

Although there will be some delays while I set up during June, I plan to be fully functional by July for conservation work. Since I haven’t moved in 23 years, so am a little out of practice. If you want to order tools, please email me what you would like, and I will let you know once I am on my feet. I’m now located in upper Manhattan and I’m more than happy to give a tour if you are visiting NYC.

The piece de resistance of my new studio is a two part workbench base with ten drawers that Deborah Evetts gave me. Deborah is the former conservator at The Morgan Library & Museum, and now in private practice. She recieved it as a gift from Julia P. Whiteman, who was an amateur bookbinder in New York CIty and a student of Edith DIehl. She was also a serious collector of books, and donated 50 manuscripts, many printed books, and an important collection of technical descriptions of bookbinding to the Morgan.

It will be a privilege to use this workbench. Not only is it beautiful, but it has a very distinguished provenance. Thanks Deborah!

2 Replies to “New Address. New Email. New Studio”

  1. Jeff, Ms. Whiteman’s gold finishing tools along with those of Edith Deihl are also at the Morgan.

  2. Jeff,
    I will miss knowing you are in the neiborhood.

    All the best on your move north; Washington Heights is lucky to have you move in.


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