A Bookbinder’s Valentine


Library Company of Philadelphia. ca. 1840-1880?

[New York] : H. De Marsan, Publisher of songs, 54 Chatham Street, N.Y


“My life’s a waste, I’m sick of paste; And printers, books and presses

Might quickly go to Jericho [1], Should Fortune smile, and bless tis I..

-Yes, but who’s the fool that would be thy Valentine?” [2]


1. Jericho is a place of banishment, retirement, or drunkenness according to Partridge’s Dictionary of Slang.

2. As she says this line, there is an interesting workplace reversal going on: the male binder (husband?) is at the sewing frame, typically the woman’s job, and she is tooling, typically done by men. Is he wearing a kings crown or a jesters hat?

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