For Sale: Guttenberg Bible

Nuremberg, 1454-1455. 2 vols.  1,272pp.  This is the first book printed with moveable type in the Western World, only 48 copies known to exist, and only 21 are complete. This is the only one currently available for sale.

BACKGROUND. Detailed records of Gutenberg’s life and work are scant. He was born around 1400 in Mainz, where he trained as a gemstone cutter, goldsmith and door to door Bible salesman. In 1438, after moving to Strasbourg, Gutenberg entered into a partnership with Andreas Dritzehn, which enabled him to conduct experiments in printing with moveable metal type. It worked. He decided to release three collectable versions: the Gutenberg Bible, the Mazarin Bible, and the B-42.  Gutenberg is credited with being the father of modern printing. There is much speculation who the mother is.

PROVENANCE. Although completely undocumented,  this copy most certainly belonged to King Villhelmzholt of Strasbourg.  For many centuries this volume must have languished in a remote castle in the Alsace-Lorrane. Then a little bird asked someone to ask a friend to ask me to sell it for them.



DESCRIPTION. To date, this is the only know copy with the author’s signature “in the beginning”, an inscription from the author in Psalms XXX, containing a mysterious reference to “new top ten commandments”, and the original professionally unrestored dust jacket. Except for a few gaping holes at the foreedge, the dust jacket is is superb condition and has the only known photograph of the author. The lower margin of the text has intermittent light soil, some faint offsetting, a lingering odor of dog breath and tobacco smoke, and other trivial imperfections, but quite well preserved considering this grand old dame is over 500 years old!  The binding is broken, the corners have cracked, the flyleaves have flown, the clasps no longer clasp, the foreedge is fricasseed, bosses are broken, head caps are decapitated, and the spine suffers from scoliosis. Else fine.

This exquisite volume speaks eloquently of an antiquated age; of a time when skilled artists and craftsmen honored their Creator by creating churches, paintings, and books which combined spiritual contents with material beauty.  A very handsome and proper copy with a flawless, professionally unrestored dust jacket.  Without a doubt the centerpiece of any book collection.   $175,000,000.00 OBO. Buy now! Won’t last!  Shipping within continental US $4.14 USPS Media Mail.

14 Replies to “For Sale: Guttenberg Bible”

  1. this is NOT authentic!! What I wrote in My Own Handwriting was –oy, so how many Commandments do you want! Thanks, and all best, God (unsigned)

  2. Dear God,
    These are liblous and possibly legally actionable accusations. I demand an immediate retraction for impugning the integrity of the woman from the yard sale I bought this bible from, who swore on this very book that the signatures were authentic.

  3. I didn’t swear ON it; I swore after it fell out of its binding onto my foot.

  4. I’ll take those collectible Mazarin and Gutenberg editions! From Nuremburg no less, I bet these are the only known copies! Must-haves, especially in their all-else-fine condition! In what hand is the inscription, an ancient roman revival variant heretofore unrecorded in the 16th C??

  5. If, as a proud Canadian whose mother tongue is French, I were to say it plain, it shall sound like: ”N’importe quoi!” which is a really good equivalent to ”similar to any ordinary lie in order to make profit”.

    Even if written on a 1st of April, this post globally wrecks down your credibility as a rare books & rare manuscripts dealer.

    As to my general advice, (undeclared) jokes on business are generally bad jokes, as unscrupulous people have used similar means in order to obtain money – and because they make no point in a court – ”But judge, so sorry, I just intended for the people I stole from to have nothing more than a big laugh, nothing wrong at all” shall declare a robber. ”But, in law, a crime is a crime, and robbing is a crime – no matter what your intentions were, sir”, could answer a judge.

  6. Oh, and as any one could say – I just wanted to make it REALLY clear – you cannot pursue somebody for distrusting you (like you told the user ”God”).

    Many people on Facebook and others did write their poor views of products or companies or individuals – and no judge could say that they lack the right to express politely theirshelves if it displeases the person which they are critic of – and if their opinion is or could be logically founded (with no personal means).

    Politicians do even worse – they attack their opponent’s credibility in order to make up their own suitability to be elected at an office or another. This, really, can’t be easily beaten.

  7. I had a Gutenburg Bible once…..but some guy named Martin Luther scribbled all over it !!! So i returned it and got my money back !!!

  8. We have an original copy of the Gutenberg bible in our family. One of the family members stole it and we don’t which member. It was a full copy in good condition. I’m wondering what it is worth today.

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