Punching Holes

hole punch

Sometimes a new tool comes along that causes a paradigm shift;  the older ones are almost instantly obsolete.  The Japanese screw punch is one such example. I can’t recall the last time I used or saw someone use another tool to make small holes in paper, vellum and leather.  Yet the hole punch above, which a “J.J. THATCHER” thought enough of to mark his name on, works perfectly. Stylistically, we can see much more elaborate decoration than on the more modern Japanese screw punch. Functionally, it does not have the interchangeable bits or the automatic twist action that the Japanese screw punch has. This tool is extremely well made, comfortable to use, elegant, perhaps even a little decadent with the amount of hand finishing that went into it. Aren’t these the elements we want imbued in our hand-bound books? Can a tool help to do this? Can beautiful tools increase the users pleasure while working which then is reflected in the product?

4 Replies to “Punching Holes”

  1. Yes, yes and yes! A well-made tool is a joy to use. An unsatisfactory tool creates irritation that is liable to spoil the finished work.

  2. I have a beautiful small hammer with an exquisitely hand carved handle that my father in law made. He was a master engraver. Every time I use it, it links me to the past, to him and to those who appreciate tools and their beauty and function. I agree entirely with your posting.

  3. Great tools are just that, great and if you find one, you covet it and rarely let others use it!…smiling
    I agree most heartedly about the Japanese hold punch but I would trade you my new one for that beauty that you pictured!

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