The Bang

Screen Shot 2014-05-21 at 7.04.08 PM

Quite likely the most useful, yet infrequently available typographical symbol from the 1960’s. The interrobang. What‽ You can find it in Special Characters of Helvetica, Courier, Palatino, and a few others.


2 Replies to “The Bang”

  1. Invented by Martin K. Speckter in 1962 and first commercially released in the font “Americana” by Richard Isbell for ATF in 1966. Quoting from McGrew; “…The first new punctuation mark to have been introduced in three hundred years and the only one invented by an American…”

    I have a couple large display size fonts of Americana and have used it for title pages, corporate identity stuff, and social stationery – funky yet elegant.

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