Bookbinding Video


I finally got the footage from the commercial I made in LA last year, and wrote about here. I think it looks great, and even though the details are wrong, the total impression is very appealing and accurate.

12 Replies to “Bookbinding Video”

  1. Nice atmosphere to the video. Has a very authentic, period feel to it. Thumbs up!

  2. Beautiful, Jeff. It turned out nice. I recently had someone make a similar kind of video for me and my furniture restoration/conservation private practice. I am yet to see my final cut but yours looks great. These kind of videos are a wonderful way to peak people’s interest in conservation.

  3. Nancy: That is what the production company wanted to show, though I’m not sure how the craft of bookbinding translates into the craft of cell phone manufacturing!Joshua: Looking forward to seeing your video.

  4. Yes, it is appealing. When I saw it the first time, I thought, wow, I’d like to do that!

  5. Good work, Jeff.

    You performed the part of an advertiser’s idea of a bookbinder well. I particularly liked the clamshell press running in the background – unattended! 😉

    That box did look like a coffin for the notebook!

  6. The satisfied wisp of a smile is just perfect. You had me right there. The image of the guy with the cell phone at the end throws me off. What is that in there for? I don’t get the connection with cell phone manufacturing…

  7. I’d don’t really know either. The production company told me there was some central organizing idea of craft for the product. As far as the smile, it was the only time I really had to “act” in the whole thing, and when my sister saw it she knew I was faking!

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