The Mother of all Insect Galleries

“M. Pignut mentions an instance where, in a public library but little frequented, twenty-seven folio volumes were perforated in a straight line by the same insect [a bookworm], in such a manner that, on passing a cord through the perfectly round hole made by it, these twenty-seven volumes could be raised at once.”

-John Andrews Arnet [John Hannett] Bibliopegia, or, the Art of Bookbinding, in all its Branches (London: Richard Groombridge, 1835), 201.

3 thoughts on “The Mother of all Insect Galleries

  1. Mary Carol Koester

    Hey Jeff, I just saw a video with a binder using your wooden rounding device. Are they still around? How much? p.s. I’ve improved considerably on knife sharpening with your advice to avoid all antidotes and just practice.

  2. Jeff Peachey Post author

    Hi, I make a brass froittoir, in my tool catalog, is that what you were thinking?

  3. Sandy Cohen

    I own one of those heavy brass froittoirs. Outside of a of a dog, it is my best friend. Wonderful tool!

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