The Mother of all Insect Galleries

“M. Pignut mentions an instance where, in a public library but little frequented, twenty-seven folio volumes were perforated in a straight line by the same insect [a bookworm], in such a manner that, on passing a cord through the perfectly round hole made by it, these twenty-seven volumes could be raised at once.”

-John Andrews Arnet [John Hannett] Bibliopegia, or, the Art of Bookbinding, in all its Branches (London: Richard Groombridge, 1835), 201.

3 Replies to “The Mother of all Insect Galleries”

  1. Hey Jeff, I just saw a video with a binder using your wooden rounding device. Are they still around? How much? p.s. I’ve improved considerably on knife sharpening with your advice to avoid all antidotes and just practice.

  2. I own one of those heavy brass froittoirs. Outside of a of a dog, it is my best friend. Wonderful tool!

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