Sharpening Support Stand

For those who use my aluminum sharpening system, I recently developed a support for the plates.  Made from aluminum, four cap head screws clamp the plates securely, yet it is quick to switch them. The rubber feet keep it from sliding around on the workbench and help keep it clean. The height, 1.5 inches, gives hand and finger clearance when sharpening, especially when working perpendicular to a workbench. This is what I use to make all of my knives, although I have dedicated stands for each of the four grits I recommend.

1. $140.00 for the complete sharpening system. Includes: Sharpening stand, two aluminum plates, 5 strips of 2 x 11 inch 3M microfinishing film, a two sided horsbutt/ calf strop, and .5 micron honing compound .

2. $100.00 for the sharpening system without the stand.

3. $40.00 for the sharpening stand.

Mobile Knife Sharpeners

I see mobile knife sharpeners, generally outside of North America.  Like this man, most have ingenious, homemade mechanisms rigged up on bicycles or mopeds to both provide transportation and power the grinding wheels. I’m a bit envious because seems like nice life, riding around, getting exercise and grinding knives en plein air!  Looks like a nice acute bevel he is forming on the knife below.