The Lies That Bind

Kate Carlisle has written the greatest bibliophile mystery of all time, The Lies that Bind.

I particularly coveted a leather-handled set of Jeff Peachey knives. The brilliant bookbinder and craftsman had created a  set of cryogenic steel-bladed knives that were hand-honed to surgical percision and beautifully beveled to work with the thinnest calfskin…’Peachey is a genius,’ I murmured, nodding. (p. 251)

Mighty fine writing.

11 thoughts on “The Lies That Bind

  1. Jeff Peachey Post author

    Yea, I just skimmed it looking for the scene about my tools. Maybe a limited edition Brooklyn Wainright knife?

  2. Susan Mills

    The first book in this series also mentioned Peachey knives – how modest of you not to mention it…….

  3. Marieka

    Finally finished it – had me laughing like crazy there at the end. Good for you! Has it boosted sales? Please put me on the list for the Brooklyn special edition knife. Wasn’t I the one who pointed out the first book to you after all? Will it be cryogenic or ergonomic? Maybe both?

  4. Jeff Peachey Post author

    IF there were a movie, which I seriously doubt, for a number of reasons…, they would just use a piece of painted plastic???

  5. Jeff Peachey Post author

    I like Peters idea of the police tape for a handle, or at least an outer sheath. And I do have some kind of rubber stuff that you dip to coat a handle– maybe I could find some in red. Hummm…

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