How to Care for Books, 1891

 The printers’ handbook of trade recipes…, London: The Chiswick Press, 1891.(pp. 270-271)

Since it is preservation week, I thought I would do my part by passing along some preservation information from 1891.  It might be difficult for me to give up the delightful habit of toasting a book over the fire, and sitting on it, but I will try. At least for this week.

5 Replies to “How to Care for Books, 1891”

  1. Yes, now I’m wondering if many of the red-rotted bindings from this time are not due to inherently destructive tanning methods, but simple toasting in front of an open flame!

  2. this is fantastic. i just shared this with my student co-workers here in book repair at BYU, and we all got a great chuckle out of it. thanks!

  3. Now if only we could train our archives’ visitors not to lick the books…. (or lick their fingers to turn pages, which is the same thing)

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