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  1. Really interesting, especially the placement of the pencil holder. Can you describe how you handled the joints on what I assume is a case binding? If this was a basic case binding I’d say the joints need to be tightened, but this is intentional.

  2. Well, the whole structure pretty much works together. Thickish signatures and a link stich on five tapes so you can really pull the thread tight. Thick, soft thread so you can flatten it in the signatures with no swell. Flat back, only PVAc and aerolinen on the spine of the book, adhered on the outside of sewn (around the first signature) exposed aerolinen hinges, which is likely the most important structural feature. Separate pastedown. This one has a thin (10pt. board?) spine piece on the case. I tried some without a spine piece, but this did not add as much flexibility as I thought it might; the turnins seem to add a great deal of rigidity on their own. The spine piece also helped keep the case at the spine from puckering outward which interfered with the opening. This outward puckering is a problem on some conservation rebindings, where an additional rod is needed to keep the covering and the spine of the book acting together. And, as you noticed, pretty big joints so the thinnish boards so they can fold in on themselves.

  3. I understand what you are saying about the pencil not looking right, but I really like the way you have it built into the bottom of the page. The other method is too elaborate and takes away from the simplistic view you have achieved. Your blank book is very well done and probably more widespread for the time.

  4. This is great! Thank you for sharing it. Does it have a patent number in it?


  5. No patent number, just “Patent Secured”, which I think has little legal meaning, like “Patent Pending”.

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