1967 Electric Scissors. With Headlight.




A 1967 Speed Snips electric Scissors.

When I first plugged it in, it only growled, but oiling the hinge and spring on the blades brought them snapping to life. They worked ok for cutting paper, I haven’t tried them cloth. Since the blades are so short, they need to be advanced somewhat slowly, so I’m not totally convinced they actually save that much time over a longer length “manual” scissors. But they do save some effort if accuracy is not paramount. It is surprisingly heavy.

Readers may also be interested in another electrified tool, a very rare West German electric bookbinders backing hammer, which I wrote about on 1 April 2011.


4 Replies to “1967 Electric Scissors. With Headlight.”

  1. I’d like to think you made this up for April Fools’ Day, but I recall seeing a “pair” of scissors (can it really be called a pair?) like this before. Please tell me I’m wrong… at least about the headlight. 🙂

  2. This 1 April post is true. The headlight works, and if you come visit NYC you can try it out yourself!

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