Upcoming Lecture: October 21, University of Toronto, CA

Detail from a current conservation treatment of an Aurora Store Display Monster Scene, 1971. Collection Simone Peterson. How does this toy relate to books? Come and find out!

Pulled to Pieces: Life as an Independent Book Conservator

October 21, 2015. 4:15 pm.

Faculty of Information, ischool, 140 St. George St., Rm 728

University of Toronto, Canada.

In this fast paced illustrated lecture, Jeff Peachey will discuss the variety of book related activities he is engaged in as a New York City based independent book conservator. This includes pretending to be an actor playing a bookbinder in a Samsung Galaxy Note TV advertisement, inventing the Peachey Board Slotting Machine, manufacturing leather paring knives and other hand-tools for the bookbinders, teaching, blogging, conducting research, and providing book conservation treatments for individuals and institutions.

Peachey is Professional Associate in the American Institute for Conservation, has served as Chair of the Conservators In Private Practice, was recently awarded a fellowship at the Rockefeller Foundation Bellagio Center (Italy) and is currently the Patricia Fleming Visiting Fellow in Bibliography and Book History at the University of Toronto. His most recent publication is “Beating, Rolling and Pressing: The Compression of Signatures in Bookbinding Prior to Sewing” in Suave Mechanicals: Essays in the History of Bookbinding, The Legacy Press, 2013. Currently he is researching the progressive mechanization of book structures in the early nineteenth century.

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