Tool Demonstration, Roundtable Discussion, and Pot-luck Meal. CBBAG Bindery, Toronto.

Monday, October 26, 2015  6-8pm.

CBBAG Bindery, Suite 207, 80 Ward St., Toronto

This is a free event open to the public, but you must RSVP:  cabbage.gta AT gmail DOT com


I will demonstrate the making of a delrin folder using simple hand tools: a hacksaw, a file, a scraper, and micron-graded sanding sponges.  Attendees should bring their favorite tool and be prepared to discuss it. Also bring a tool that doesn’t work or you would like to alter, we can brain storm options as a group. The evening will conclude with a pot luck meal, I’ve already heard rumors of chili. Yum!


2 Replies to “Tool Demonstration, Roundtable Discussion, and Pot-luck Meal. CBBAG Bindery, Toronto.”

  1. Hello, I was first introduced to your work when taking a class two yrs ago with Don Etheringtom. He raved about your tools and had some for us to use . I have been following you. Since that class. I’m from Windaor On.
    And not able to make it to Toronto to see either of your talks. Is anyone from the book club going to tape this for folks not there. Thanks Have a great time in TO Bev

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