My blog post “An Overview of Leather Paring Knives, Tools and Machines” was translated into Dutch and appears in the current issue of Handboekbinden (Jaargang 10, Nummer 3, 2017): 92-95.  According to Google translate, Leerdunmessen means “Learning Lessons”. Kind of cool!

Added 31 Oct 2017: A dutch friend let me know that Google translation is wrong, and Leerdunmessen actually means “Leather Paring”. Thanks Edith!

6 thoughts on “Leerdunmessen

  1. thibaud43

    Jeff, That google translation is rubbish ofcourse. I Know more examples of these strange translations.

    But: I always learned that you should paring leather on a litho stone. But Why? Isn’t any other hard and smooth surface good enough? Thibaud

  2. Mary Carol Koester

    Hi Jeff,

    I just ordered a finishing stove from talas and it arrived damaged and is rather cheaply made. I’m sending it back. Do you have any suggestions of where i can go get a good one? This was about $400. Pic below is how it arrived. Thanks so much, MC

    Mary Carol Koester Azalea Bindery, LLC Member, Southern Highland Craft Guild Member, River Arts District Artists Member, Guild of Book Workers One Brookgreen Pl. Asheville, NC 28804 828.545.6219 marycarol@azaleabindery.com http://www.azaleabindery.com

    “Without craft, there isn’t artistry” -Seymour Bernstein


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