The Persistence of Convention

45 degree screw pitch

In an earlier post about a press from 1532, I commented on the artistic convention of representing wood screws with a 45 degree angle.  When cleaning up an closet, I found  the book bag from the Bookbinding 2000 conference.

One Reply to “The Persistence of Convention”

  1. I was interested in the spine scraping tool. I bind books that are printed out as single sheets on a computer printer. Books of 200 pages or more. I put three strips of pva glue across the spine to just hold the book block, lightlly tap the spine with the book block on the bench to form a round of the foredge. Place the book into a lying press to be backed and form joints. Scrape the spine with the edge of a tenon saw going from side to side to splay the edge over the backing boards. Glue the spine with flexible pva glue, place on a piece of buckram the length of the spine and overhanging the both edges by 4 cms. Undo the press sllghtly and tuck the cloth down each side. Tighten the press again with enough of the spine above the backing boards. Back the the book with the hammer as you would normally do for a rounded and backed book of sections. Leave to dry.

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