Bookbinder’s Apron?

Someone — not me! — converted a standard WWII M-1937 Canvas Field Cooking Outfit Bag into an apron. When not used as an apron, the tools store in the appropriately labeled pockets. Although I can’t condone altering historical artifacts, this is a pretty cool idea.

Someone should make a Bookbinder’s Apron/ Tool Roll. What are the essential bookbinding tools?

Currently my most used tools are: two 1″ Princeton Brush Co. Gesso brushes, two #8 Princeton Brush Co. flat hog bristle brushes, a Delrin Hera, a large Jim Croft elk bone folder, a Green River Shop knife, a Japanese water brush, a 5″ Mundial scissors, Dumont and Sons #2a and #5 tweezers, a M2 Paring knife, a Pentel .7mm mechanical pencil, a thick steelcraft 12″ tempered ruler, an NT A-300GR snap-off knife, a Caselli Micro-spatula, a Delrin folder, and a 6″ Stevens dividers.

Add an adjustable neck, side-ties long enough to knot in front, and you have your first sale right here!



4 Replies to “Bookbinder’s Apron?”

  1. This is the one I use:

    I love the y-strap on the back. The pockets are okay, though the large chest pocket is a little too deep to comfortably store tools in, they sit deep enough in the pocket that they can be hard to get out. I’d love it if I could fit my phone in that pocket (I enjoy podcasts while I work) but it’s too narrow for that. The three ‘pencil pockets’ could be slightly wider, they comfortably hold a pencil, olfa slimline knife, and a bone folder though they’re too narrow for me to fit my teflon folder. I also don’t know if they could hold the NT A-300GR knife. I use one of the lower side pockets to hold my 6″ mundial scissors, the pocket is a little deep for that but it works. Some day I may contact them about custom making an apron with pockets to hold the exact set of tools I’d like.

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