Bookbinder’s Apron?

Someone — not me! — converted a standard WWII M-1937 Canvas Field Cooking Outfit Bag into an apron. When not used as an apron, the tools store in the appropriately labeled pockets. Although I can’t condone altering historical artifacts, this is a pretty cool idea.

Someone should make a Bookbinder’s Apron/ Tool Roll. What are the essential bookbinding tools?

Currently my most used tools are: two 1″ Princeton Brush Co. Gesso brushes, two #8 Princeton Brush Co. flat hog bristle brushes, a Delrin Hera, a large Jim Croft elk bone folder, a Green River Shop knife, a Japanese water brush, a 5″ Mundial scissors, Dumont and Sons #2a and #5 tweezers, a M2 Paring knife, a Pentel .7mm mechanical pencil, a thick steelcraft 12″ tempered ruler, an NT A-300GR snap-off knife, a Caselli Micro-spatula, a Delrin folder, and a 6″ Stevens dividers.

Add an adjustable neck, side-ties long enough to knot in front, and you have your first sale right here!



4 Replies to “Bookbinder’s Apron?”

  1. Maybe, but I kind of kike the idea of specific pockets for specific tools.

  2. This is the one I use:

    I love the y-strap on the back. The pockets are okay, though the large chest pocket is a little too deep to comfortably store tools in, they sit deep enough in the pocket that they can be hard to get out. I’d love it if I could fit my phone in that pocket (I enjoy podcasts while I work) but it’s too narrow for that. The three ‘pencil pockets’ could be slightly wider, they comfortably hold a pencil, olfa slimline knife, and a bone folder though they’re too narrow for me to fit my teflon folder. I also don’t know if they could hold the NT A-300GR knife. I use one of the lower side pockets to hold my 6″ mundial scissors, the pocket is a little deep for that but it works. Some day I may contact them about custom making an apron with pockets to hold the exact set of tools I’d like.

  3. Does look pretty nice, but I’d like to see the custom one, if you do it.

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