Peter Verheyen’s Five Essential Bookbinding Tools

Peter Verheyen’s five essential bookbinding tools.

Peter Verheyen

Bookbinder, Conservator & Librarian, The Book Arts Web & Book_Arts-L Listserv , Pressbengel Project Blog

  1. Ascona Schärfix. This saved my life after falling flat on my face trying hand pare leather strips for hinges on a quarter-leather binding during my apprentice exam.
  2. Ascona Swiss paring knife. This replaced the miserable “German-style” knife I was given as an apprentice.
  3. Peachey Delrin folder. The best for so many tasks.
  4. Shanna Leino folder. Replaces the metal folder/scorer I use for working with vellum.
  5. Bone folder. A small bone one for detail work/headcaps.



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