a new bone?

dyed bone

The Library Preservation blog mentioned a very cool Martha Stewert branded bone folder, made from melamine.  I also picked up a nifty new bone from a flea market, but haven’t been able to identify the material it is made from. The coloring appears to penetrate the thickness. It has the density, rigidity and pore structure of bone.  But the mottled appearance and seams on the edges could indicate tortoise shell which has been laminated.  Or it might be some kind of horn.

5 Replies to “a new bone?”

  1. WHOOPS! I wonder where that mistake came from, although I was wondering if Martha was tempted to shape her bone into a shiv when she was in prison.

  2. It looks like a bone I used once to work with a graphite drawing — the graphite penetrated the pores of the bone, and it’s now a very grey folder, looking much like this — and no matter how much I clean it, the colour doesn’t shift. It can still work with clean paper and doesn’t leave a mark!

  3. Looks to me like it was lying outside for a year or so, picking up random color from the soil. i once taught a folder-making workshop in an overgrown rose garden, and someone left a raw-materials commercial folder behind; when it was discovered a year later it had similar grays mottling it, though not the yellows. And cast antler, when cut open for making into folders (small ones only, and rather soft) frequently has such grey mottling all the way through.

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