Brien Beidler’s Five Essential Bookbinding Tools

Brien’s sparkle heart finishing tool.

Brien Beidler

1. Needle
2. Bone Folder
3. Paring Knife
4. Brush
5. Sparkle Heart Finishing Tool
I selected these tools because I use them regularly during different parts of the process with every book I make. Of course, the needle I can use for marking up, sewing, and fraying out cords. The bone folder not only serves it’s purpose of general material manipulation, but I’d also use it for ‘tooling’ lines on the cover. In addition to paring leather, the knife can be used as an all purpose knife for cutting material as well as a plough blade for edge trimming. I can’t really think of a decent substitute for a good brush as far as applying adhesive goes. And I love tooling, so I had to include a finishing tool. I picked the sparkle heart because a binding without heart in/on it is no book at all!


Brien’s five tools.

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